Rolfing® Structural Integration is a hands-on form of bodywork that works by lengthening and freeing the wrappings around the muscles, known as connective tissue. With soft tissue manipulation and movement education, Rolfing® SI systematically works to organize and align the body’s structure within the field of gravity.

Unlike traditional massage which focuses primarily on relaxation, Rolfing® SI strategically affects the whole body’s structure and function, producing lasting changes over the long-term.

Typically performed in ten sessions spaced one week to one month apart, Rolfing® SI focuses on different parts of the body, with each session building off of the last until final integration. Within three sessions, most people will know whether or not Rolfing® SI will produce the kinds of changes that they are seeking.

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"Humans function (physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically) best when
their structures are optimally organized in the field of gravity."  
~Ida P. Rolf

Jennifer Eslinger Certified Rolfer™